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We have a passion for human connection and love capturing the essence of authentic moments on your special day with our unique documentary-style photography. That means that we don't spend hours posing our couples but rather immerse ourselves in the natural flow of events to photograph raw emotion and the real-life beauty surrounding you day.

There's no reason why your wedding photography can't add to the fun of your day. We love getting to know our Wild wedding clients so that we can be there to guide and assist you through the process and ensure a stress-free day filled with joyous celebration.

Contact us for our wedding photography packages and availability.

The Wild & Co. Bride

Naturally whimsical, fashion-forward, exuding confidence & body positivity, values authenticity & beautiful adventures. The Wild bride knows who she is and wants to capture her special day in a way that mirrors her unique taste.

It Takes Two, Baby!

A wedding day is not just about a magnificent bride. It takes two to tango! That's why we love to connect with our couples before the big day and build strong relationships with both people so that we can capture every moment perfectly on this magical day.

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